Online Course - How to Move from Cautious to Courageous and Confident in 3 SIMPLE Steps

How to Move from Cautious to Courageous and Confident in 3 SIMPLE Steps

If you find you have this constant tug of war within yourself - 'should I, could I?' versus 'you can't do that, are you crazy, don't be stupid - you will never make it', then I have great news for you. You don't need to struggle anymore, and you don't need to second guess yourself any longer!

How, you may ask? Well, that's what this course is all about - three powerful strategies that you can immediately action to become courageous and confident, even in the toughest of situations.

Who is this program for?

Absolutely anybody who feels limited by fear, self-doubt, self-criticism and inertia to be able to move and progress through life. This includes all adults and teenagers whom I have not yet worked with and all those that I have had the honour of working with and serving previously. Even if we have worked together, I would strongly encourage you to invest in this program to continue to build and sustain your courage and confidence.

Program/Course Overview

You'll learn how to: 

- Change your personal story - that limiting story that has been on repeat for so many years will now become a liberating story filled with endless possibilities
- Tap into your physiology, your body, to build, foster and cement tremendous courage and confidence to tackle even the most intimidating of situations
- Identify your personal brand, your unique value proposition and sell yourself with conviction

This course includes:

- 3 modules with videos and narrated slides
- A workbook with supporting content
- A free confidence audio
- A community and network of people just like you, consistently building their courage and confidence
- A donation to one of my chosen charities - The Lokahi Foundation supporting women and children who are or have been victims of domestic or family abuse

Module Outline:

Module 1: Change your story
Module 2: Change your physiology
Module 3: Change the way you sell yourself

Module 1: Change your story
Conduct a self-audit and understand what makes you feel confident and makes you lack confidence and craft your authentic story to build self-belief and shatter self-doubt.

Module 2: Change your physiology
Learn body hacks for instant self-confidence and get smart with how to tap into your physiology to become consistently courageous.

Module 3: Change the way you sell yourself
Identify your unique strengths and the value you add and then know how to sell these so that you stand up and get counted.

Who is behind this?

I'm Candice Tomlinson, coach and hypnotherapist and once upon a time, self-proclaimed self-critic. I used to find myself hamstrung by my own self-doubt and lack of confidence. There were so many opportunities I passed by, questioning and thinking: 'Why don't you just go for it?' and immediately retorting with 'no way, not me, not possible'. I have been on a lifelong journey to build my courage and become faithful over fearful. I have also explored a range of different therapies, approaches, theories, techniques, professionals and programs to find the simplest and most sustainable and effective strategies to build my self-confidence. And now, I want to share what I have learned with you so that it doesn't take you a lifetime or a huge amount of money to find your inner courage and confidence. I want you too to have increased self-confidence, greater self-belief, success at work, to stand up and get counted, to get promoted and to get paid what you are worth. I want you to be able to lead a purposeful and fulfilled life, free from self-doubt and limiting paradigms of thinking. I want you to believe in yourself and live into your true and full potential. I couldn’t be more excited to share this with you.

Your investment:

- $199 for the entire online program including all resources and as mentioned, a portion of your investment goes to The Lokahi Foundation.

Customer Reviews

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Sandi Netto
Powerful and Practical Program

Candice, thanks for sharing your knowledge and developing this fantastic program. The activities 'writing a letter to myself' and 'my bumper sticker' are amazing! I really appreciated the fact that this self-paced course gave me the tools to critically think about myself (not an easy task), but also included a little input from my loved ones. It was really great to know what others see as my value in society. The workbook is an awesome addition and serves as an extremely powerful and effective resource to practice techniques on minimising fear and instilling confidence. I feel more courageous and confident. I believe in myself and my abilities...and I have you to thank.