What do I do and how can I help you?

I am passionate about people and about building trusted partnerships with my clients and stakeholders. I believe that with cutting-edge knowledge and insights, practical skills and tools as the priority currency and business and personal self-confidence, individuals are able to position themselves powerfully in their personal lives and be referred to as the “business partners of choice" in their professional lives.

As a Business and Life Coach, Learning & Development Specialist, Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner and Virtual Classroom and Face-to-Face program designer and facilitator, with 20 years of experience, I have partnered with individuals and groups at multiple levels.  I have coached, empowered and transformed hundreds of people and am eternally grateful for this immensely honourable profession I have chosen.  In my many years, enveloped in the L&D world, I have designed a number of learning solutions and facilitated in-depth programs and processes resulting in tremendous personal and organisational shifts.  In addition, my experience extends to being involved in multi-faceted projects for clients, from inception to completion, managing end-to-end consultation and engagement with multiple stakeholders.  I bring a broad set of organisational development skills to ensure that the business objectives are met, the personal objectives are met and that projects are delivered effectively and on time.

I have had extensive experience across multiple industries and sectors with a strong focus on working with leaders and their teams as well as individual contributors in financial service organisations, professional services firms, government and academic organisations. Clients include Adcock Ingram, Aon, Baker & McKenzie, Bankserv Africa, BNP Paribas, Discovery Health, Fair Work Commission, FNB and RMB, Genesis Analytics, Gordon Institute of Business Science, Hatch Goba, IBM, Investec Bank, Macquarie Bank, MTN, Monash University, NDIA, The South African Reserve Bank (SARB) and Westpac. My priority focus is always around driving business outcomes through customised interventions and translating talk into tangible business results. Fundamentally though, at the heart of all I do, is working with people and enabling people to live into their true potential and their value.

My personal, in-depth work with individuals extends from teenagers to adults. I help shift limiting paradigms of thinking to liberating paradigms of thinking. My combination of psychological approaches and modalities coupled with practical coaching methodologies and incredible Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT), allows me to help my clients to get to the root cause of their issues, challenges and problems. This in turn, enables me to guide people to formulate new thoughts and beliefs that empower and enable them towards freedom from oppression and suppression and in fact any other impediments that have been holding them back. I guide people when they get stuck and provide momentum to move forward to enlightenment, contentment, peace and joy. I work with a myriad of challenges that present both physically and psychologically. This applies to anything from anxiety and depression to confidence and self-esteem, to addiction and other illnesses, as well as a multitude of other issues, concerns, constraints, restraints and ailments. 

Nothing brings me more joy than helping people!

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